Welcome to Your Food — My Adventure
One Farmer’s Journey to Feed the World

Philip E. Bradshaw shares stories and recollections from a lifetime of farming in this memoir that celebrates a way of life.

He highlights the advancement of farming and reflects on his efforts advocating for agriculture, serving as a leader, and policymaker, and traveling to more than 53 countries and meeting seven U.S. presidents along the way.

Born on a family farm in Pike County, Illinois, he grew up during the turbulent 1940s and 1950s amid cows, chickens, and pigs—taking trips to Mexico and helping haul dozens of pigs at a time to the stockyards in East St. Louis in a truck.

The author reflects on everything from the importance of international trade, starting his own career in farming, serving in the Army Reserves during the Cold War, managing his money, and meeting his future wife, Linda Bradburn, while speaking about farming at a meeting for young adults.

Follow the journey of Philip Bradshaw as he documents a half century of experience in the world of agriculture with a life dedicated to growing your food.

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